Where My Time Gets it‘s Premium Teas from

The Rare Tea Co supplies My Time with some wonderful Ethically Sourced, Directly Traded Teas supporting local infrastructure and helping maintain sustainability in the regions the teas come from.

Real relationships, both with the farms and their customers, are essential to the Rare Tea Co. This is what they believe defines Direct Trade.

They focus on quality, sampling the finest and only selecting the best.

The range is small but carefully chosen. They travel the world to seek out tea-gardens and farmers crafting the most delicious leaves they can find. My Time is extremely lucky and proud to work with Henrietta and her team and with unique farms producing extraordinary tea. Some of their tea is very rare, with only a few kilos produced each year. All of the tea is crafted by skilled men and women on independent farms, not industrially processed by large agri-businesses. The Rare Tea Co buys the harvests from farmers, not a commodity from brokers.


The first thing they search for is flavour. Before they can enter into a serious relationship with a farmer, however, they need trust; not only that the farmers are growing the finest tea but doing so ethically.

The Rare Tea Company work with farmers using sustainable practices that benefit both the land and the people who live and work on it. Once they feel they have found these qualities in a farm Rare Tea Co. will make every effort to promote the farms tea and to support the farmers in everything they do.

They buy harvests up-front and arrange packing, labelling, shipping, export and import, warehousing and distribution. With farms on many continents, often very far from sea-ports, the logistics can be daunting and costly, but in this way they can make it possible. This allows small producers to get their tea out without the vast infrastructure of industry giants.

My Time Current Tea Menu

Speedy Breakfast

Satemwa Estate, Shire Highlands, Malawi
A black tea, blended from selected fields and harvests from across the Satemwa Estate: a small, family run tea garden in the Shire Highlands of Malawi.
Remarkably strong, rich and comforting.
This tea is best served with milk.

Earl Grey

Satemwa Estate, Malawi and Reggio Calabria, Italy
Traditional Earl Grey blended with tea from a small estate in the Shire Highlands of Malawi and pure bergamot oil from the ancient citrus groves of Calabria.
This is a classic British tea made to exacting standards.
A clean and exceptionally bright infusion with exhilarating citrus notes.
It can be served with or without milk, or a twist of lemon zest.

China Green Leaf Tea

Fuding, Fujian Province, China
An exquisite Chinese green tea that is meticulously hand-crafted.
The leaves are fired in a wok over charcoal in the same way and in the same place they have been made for over 3000 years.
Clean, bright and remarkably delicate.

Jasmine Silver Tip

Fuding, Fujian Province, China
A delicate white tea crafted entirely from spring buds.
The tea is not flavoured but carefully scented over six consecutive nights with fresh jasmine flowers. Once the preserve of only the Chinese Imperial family.
A deep and heady aroma with a light and gentle flavour.

Sri Lankan Lemongrass

Amba Estate, Ravanna Falls
This uniquely complex and full-bodied lemongrass is grown in a remote mountain tea garden above the Ravanna Falls, Sri Lanka.
A rich and exceptionally bright herbal infusion with grassy notes of cut hay and lemon drops.